Instead he said, “how about now?”

“I called Tom that I needed to find a nice home for my two girls and myself. We were living in the country and I needed to move closer into work and school. I had never bought a home on my own. Tom asked me to come into his office to meet him and to discuss what I was looking for. I remember asking when would be a good time, expecting him to say something like next week. Instead he said, “how about now?” I think he could hear the panic in my voice. When we met, he took me out immediately to show me areas I might be interested in. Within a next few weeks, we were moving into a beautiful home in Eldorado. It wasn’t my dream house but it was a start. Within three years I was ready for the country again and Tom found us the perfect little farm house in Nambe. Now we’re settled, with animals and open space. It took me a little time to match my dream but with Tom’s help, he made it happen for all of us.”

Linda is one of my all time favorite success stories. She’s not only a farmer, but quite an accomplished artist. She gave me one of her beautiful oil paintings which still hangs over my fireplace and a photo of her when she made Fire Chief for the City of Santa Fe.